I've signed up to a Gold Membership. What do I receive with this membership and how long does my membership last?

As a Gold Member, you'll have full access to everything currently available on our website. This includes access to our online eLearning private study to gain 10 MARA points online along with another 6 MARA points that are available at our regular in-person Seminars.

You'll also be granted access to the entire MLP Journal by Lorenzo Boccabella which contains relevant, high-quality migration and legal information from Lorenzo himself.

There are also regular online webinars, which you can attend from anywhere around the world.

You'll also have access to our digital library in 2018, which contains previous webinars, videos and Q&As with Lorenzo. 

The Gold Membership is by far the best membership available with CPE Migration, and it's great to have you!

I've become a Silver member. What more could I get with a Gold Membership?

The main difference with Gold and Silver memberships are our in-person Seminars. Each seminar is around $500+, and Gold Members are able to attend an unlimited amount of seminars without paying this fee, whereas Silver members will have to pay.

In brief, if you want to attend a seminar to gain those extra 6 MARA points from Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, London or Hong Kong, upgrading might be the most cost effective outcome.

I've purchased an eLearning online private study. How do I access the modules and complete my CPD?

After purchasing your eLearning private study, you'll be directed to create an account on our platform Sentry. You'll then need to confirm/verify your email address prior to logging in. Use the 'LOGIN' button on the top right hand corner of your screen to login to your new account and access your modules right there!

After purchasing an eLearning online private study course, how long can I access the modules and complete my CPD?

Each eLearning online private study comes with 30 days access. If you need a little more time to read through your modules and absorb the information before taking the exam, consider upgrading to a Silver or Gold Membership. By upgrading, you'll have access to a year along with the added benefits of these memberships.

Alternatively, the eLearning online private study is a great option for those ready to tackle the content and do their exams quickly, easily and within 30 days.

Please note, we're unable to extend this access to anyone unless there are extenuating circumstances. In that case, we ask for a minimum of 7 days notice to review your request and provide an answer quickly.

When I've successfully completed a module exam, how long until my points are uploaded to MARA?

As this is a manual process, we require 2-3 business days to review your completed exam and manually upload your points to MARA. We strongly suggest completing your necessary exams in advance to ensure our team is able to upload your MARA points in time. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate urgent requests from any member who has left an exam to the last minute. Our online eLearning private study is designed to be easy to read, easy to navigate through and easy to take an exam, no matter the time of day or what device you're using.