Subclass 485 Skilled Graduate & Subclass 487 Skilled Regional Sponsored Visas


These 2 visas make up the Skilled Provisional Class VC.  The Sched 1 criterion for these visas is that the applicant is aged less that 45 unless one holds one of the regional sponsored temporary skilled visas & has nominated a 50 point skilled occupation list job.

The prerequisite visas[1] are either a student visa (held in the 6 months prior to application), if not a recent student a 476 or 485, a working holiday 417 visa, a 442 occupational trainee visa or various regional temporary skilled visas.  The 485 is a one off visa for those who held student visas[2].

The 485 stops the clock ticking for those approaching 45 for the permanent residence skilled visas 885 & 886.  At time of application must have applied for a skill assessment which must have been received as favourable by time of decision[3].

And the requirement to have completed the relevant course within 6 months of application will not apply at the permanent residence stage if applying for the onshore 885 & 886 visas.

The subclass 487 is the onshore equivalent of the 475 sponsored visa except that a 50 point or above occupation must be nominated.  It is a 3 or 4 year visa depending on what the earlier visa path was[4].


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Barbara Davidson