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In this issue we have more on the big changes coming up for skilled visas, where things have now firmed up. The High Court has been active with mixed results, with a restrictive decision on refugees but an expansive one for merit review. Big changes also in citizenship but not necessarily making it more difficult for all. Overall, migration practice has become more complicated as we look back on 2006, and expect even more complications in 2007.

A special congratulations to the Journal’s outstanding researcher, Sara Law who has now completed her LLB with distinction and moves on to a post with the Supreme Court in Victoria. May I also take this opportunity to wish you all a happy new year.

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These abbreviations are used throughout this journal:
MRT (Migration Review Tribunal)
RRT (Refugee Review Tribunal)
AAT (Administration Appeals Tribunal)
FC (Federal Court) HC (High Court)
DIMIA & MIMIA (Dept & Minister of Immigration, Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs), now
DIMA & MIMA (Dept & Minister for Immigration & Multicultural Affairs)
MSI (Migration Series Instruction)
PAM (Procedure Advice Manual)

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