Module 5: Ethics and Professional Practice


  • Participants will be able to provide comply with all legal requirements in relation to ethics & professional practice by applying new knowledge as follows:

  • Identify the duties and obligations as a migration agent, and act, according to the ethical standards of the profession in each situation
  • Identify rules of professional conduct that apply and recognise any potential or actual conflict and deal with it in accordance with law and good practice
  • Employ appropriate strategies to ensure that their clients of diverse backgrounds are able to communicate their concerns, understand their rights and obligations, understand the advice provided, and understand the action that their agent will be taking on their behalf
  • Learn to clearly express the relevant law and their opinion about their client’s case and can confirm that the client understands
  • Discover how to research relevant law procedures and relate it to the circumstances of a particular case
  • Demonstrate thorough conceptual knowledge and understanding of the social & ethical responsibilities of practice as a migration agent in all occupational outcomes and equip participants with high probity, high integrity & fair advocacy skills and the ability to make applications which are valid and complete

Last Updated November 2016

By Lorenzo Boccabella, Barrister-at-Law

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