Further Skilled Visa Changes- SA



In March 2009, South Australia made changes to the SA involvement in the GSM:Concessional English ProgramThe Concessional English Program has been temporarily suspended while this program is under review.  This means that this concession will not be available and Immigration SA will not be accepting sponsorships under this provision until further notice.  Any changes or updates will be published on this website.  All applications submitted on-line before 1 April 2009 will continue to be processed under this provision.Note that applications that have already been submitted on-line and supporting documents received by Immigration SA before 31 May 2009 will continue to be processed.

Sponsorship Occupation Lists

Due to planning levels being achieved, one occupation has been removed from the Permanent Sponsorship list and will no longer be available for sponsorships.

ASCO    Occupation     
4931-11 Hairdresser    The following occupations have been removed from the Provisional Sponsorship list:ASCO    Occupation     
1191-11 Construction Project Manager
2113-17 Biochemist
2113-79 Life Scientists (nec)
2114-19 Agricultural Scientist
2114-21 Agricultural Advisor
2293-13 Statistician
2299-11 Health Information Manager
2529-79 Social Professionals (nec)
4931-11 Hairdresser    

Revised requirement for Accountants 2211-11 – Available for Permanent and Provisional State Sponsorships**2211-11 Accountant    IELTS score of 7 overall (with at least 6.0 in EACH band) AND 3 years work experience as an Accountant.

Barbara Davidson