Sponsorship Assessment for Various Visas Ramped Up


The capacity of sponsors will now be specifically relevant for the sponsors of applicants for the Subclass 415 (Foreign Government Agency) visa, the Subclass 418 (Educational) visa, the Subclass 420 (Entertainment) visa, the Subclass 421 (Sport) visa, the Subclass 422 (Medical Practitioner) visa, the Subclass 423 (Media and Film Staff) visa, the Subclass 427 (Domestic Worker (Temporary) – Executive) visa & the Subclass 428 (Religious Worker) visa.
The following is added via a new subregulation – 1.20AA

1.20AA. Approval of sponsor – specified temporary visa applicants:

(3) In considering an application for approval of a proposed sponsor:

(a) the Minister must have regard to the capacity of the proposed sponsor to comply with the undertakings mentioned in s. 1.20 (2) (b); and

(b) the Minister may have regard to any other matter that the Minister considers relevant.
This is another example of the general ramping of integrity provisions throughout the migration scheme.

But the refusal of a sponsorship under Reg 1.20AA will now be an MRT reviewable decision [via the new subparagraph Reg 4.02 (4) (m)].

Barbara Davidson