Significant Investor Visa - State/Territory Sponsorship


The schedule one criteria requires state or territory sponsorship.

Here is what NSW requires:

To qualify for NSW nomination, SIV applicants must:

  • demonstrate that they have at least AUD5 million in assets that are unencumbered and lawfully acquired and readily available for transfer to Australia
  • sign a declaration that they will invest at least AUD5 million in complying investments including a minimum of AUD1.5 million in NSW Waratah Bonds.

Victoria has a ‘benefit to Victoria’ test.

Here is what the current guidelines are [5]:

‘Complying investments’ can be one or a mixture of the following:

  •       Victorian Government Bonds – see Treasury Corporation of Victoria. View the investment rates for Treasury Corporation of Victoria Designated Investments.
  •       Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated managed funds with a mandate for investing in Australia
  •       Direct investment into private Victorian companies not listed on an Australian stock exchange.

Applicants can demonstrate ‘benefit to Victoria’ through one or more of the ‘complying investments’ and other business activities that they undertake in Victoria beyond the minimum ‘complying investments’.

Applications are evaluated on a case by case basis and factors taken into account would include:

  •       The applicant’s business background
  •       The potential contribution to be made to the Victorian economy by the applicant’s choice of investment(s)
  •       The applicant’s settlement intentions
  •       The applicant’s broader business agenda in Victoria
  •       Whether the applicant has previously visited Victoria and gained an appreciation of both the business environment and lifestyle.