Bridging Visas


A person could come to Australia on a tourist visa and provided the no further stay condition did not apply (ie no condition 8503), that person could apply for an ENS or RSMS visa and that BVA that person would then get has no conditions attached to it, which means the person could start work immediately (or study immediately) on grant [see paragraph 010.611(3A) of Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations].  Note however that the BVA does not come into force until the tourist visa had expired by effluxion of time so the person could not start work until the tourist visa came to end.  However this would not prevent a proposed employee from being given some orientation preparation and some limited training.  Formal training would be limited by the restrictions contained in the tourist visa itself.

With various exceptions if one comes to Australia on a tourist visa and applies for say a spouse visa then the work restrictions attached to the tourist visa carry over to the BVA (ie no work on condition 8101).