Fraud In Skilled Visa Cases


There is a small pocket of organised fraud in skilled visa matters.  Plus the whole skilled visa regime over the years has been plagued with instances of false documents, false information and false references.  A survey of a number of these cases shows that fraud has risks.

Accompanying this paper is extract from an MRT decision giving details of one particular person Carmine Amarante who has now been convicted of fraud for supplying work references.  Also attached is the MARA decision where the migration agent Jingyi Wang had her registration cancelled. In paragraph 43 and 44 of the MARA decision on pages 12 and 13 is the finding that the agent ‘made up’ work experience for Engineering Australia skill assessments.

These types of cases have a knock on effect for visa applicants or visa holders.  In many cases either the visa application is refused or the visa is cancelled.

Barbara Davidson