Students – Time Has Run Out


In his speech on 21 October 2013, Mr Morrison said:

We believe international students should come to Australia with the bona fide intention to study in some of the world’s finest education institutions, not as a backdoor to a permanent migration outcome. We’re interested in selling education, not visas and I know that is the widespread view not only within the migration agent community but within the international education sector as well. We want to compete on education, not a comparison test on visa classes.

But as discussed later in this paper, properly planned there is a transition from student visa to permanent residence visa the skilled visa regime.

Later in this paper because of the multitude of cases which are working their way through the appeal processes, it is still necessary to know of the transitional arrangements even though from 1 January 2013 it was no longer possible to apply for the old set of GSM visas which created the easy transition from student visa to skilled visa.

Barbara Davidson