NSW Sponsorship Subclass 190 Visa


In 2015/16, NSW granted 4000 sponsorships. No cap appears to have been set for 2016/17 although similar numbers are expected

One essential requirement of NSW sponsorship is:

  • Candidates nominated by NSW need to agree to live and work in NSW for at least their first two years in Australia while holding this visa.

However as this is only policy it is not enforceable. However if the commitment is clearly not genuine then the person may fall foul of 4020. However if genuine circumstances exist whereby the commitment has to be broken, even though genuinely made at the start then no legal consequences would following from moving to another state.

The NSW list (which is part of the accompanying material) replicates a lot of occupations on the Skilled Occupation List will limited occupations form the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List. Interestingly cooks are back on the list but only with 2 years’ experience in a commercial kitchen.

Plus enrolled nurse is on the list which is quite a low level occupation.

Generally speaking the higher the points the better chance of getting NSW sponsorship.

Technically it is possible to apply for NSW sponsorship sitting on 55 points to gain the extra points although it may be that the 4000 will be allocated to the higher points applicants.

NSW will also consider ‘off list’ occupations for candidates who have a high level of human capital

Barbara Davidson